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In my past career I was able to travel to see much of the globe and appreciate the differences in culture and architecture. Business travel was often abbreviated by embracing the culture which is foundational for international business success. One of the key elements was enjoying the architecture. Visiting London, Paris, Milan, and Hong Kong all have unique character and elegance.

However, when it comes to vacations our family are strictly “beach people” with beach time contributing to 90% of vacations (Ft Lauderdale, San Diego, Miami, San Francisco, Venice and Wilmington area beaches). The remaining 10% has been snow skiing vacations and coerced family visits. So if I am representative of most baby boomers along with many like-minded GEN-Xs, Gen-Ys and Millennials; our area has great appeal to much of the US population. Wilmington has moderate climate with warm summers and mild winters (most of the time). Regional Employers capitalize on the beach element and have no difficulty attracting talent from all over the US.

Wrightsville Beach is the “South Beach” of the Wilmington area with gorgeous wide white sand and a great population of people trending healthy. This is quite evident almost any time of day with yoga classes, beach fitness classes, cycling, cross-fit training and active water sports like surfing, paddle boarding and sail boarding. Wrightsville also has a great backdrop of upscale and intermediate grade restaurants that make it a pleasant location to visit and dine.

As you travel further south to Pleasure Island we stop at Carolina Beach. The community has undergone a renaissance/evolution over the past 15 years. The new ocean front boardwalk is characteristic of this transition. It has a fantastic design/views with many eclectic retail establishments and open-air restaurants providing pleasant casual dining. The entertainment is very much reminiscent of the Jersey Shore in the vintage times with a summer long Carnival, fireworks weekly, music several nights a week and boat fishing tours. It also has an element of untamed wildness in beach areas you can 4 wheel, camp and explore. This latitude in activity makes me feel at times like I am in Venice, CA with a lot of interesting people. So far I have not seen “Chain Saw Juggling” but would not be surprised with the next wave of activity.

Traveling a little further south is Kure Beach, one of the historic vacation villages of the area with Ft. Fisher (the last hold-out during the Civil War). However, the image of Kure Beach has also changed significantly as well. When I bought my first home in KB in 2003, there were 8 mobile trailers on the beach front row. As the area began to emerge, these smart trailer owners sold their property for approximately $1M each (not bad appreciation given what they paid for them originally). The catalyst for change was the developers of Seawatch who brought in colorful architecturally interesting homes. The bright colorful homes are abbreviated by multiple decks and elegantly landscaped yards making an interesting seaside community. This has been followed up by Seagrove in Carolina Beach with a similar Charleston- feel and the surrounding area shifting from seaside cottages to more interesting multiple story homes with DECKS……..great space for view and outdoor living. San Francisco may have the “Pink Ladies” in stunning Victorian style, but Kure Beach’s front row “Pastel Belles” stands just as stunning example of seaside community. Kure Beach has evolved into a great residential community with family entertainment with a great ocean front park setting. No wonder why I see so many mid-continent license plates like Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, and Oklahoma. The most common out of state visitors are from VA, PA, NY, OH and KY. So anyone can feel at home.

In any event, if you fit the demographics above and want a great location, I’m sure we can assist. The real estate prices are still well below historic highs of the RE bubble in 2006-2007 making our area affordable for many people to live here full time or have a secondary home. Call me at 910-458-2075.






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