About Ed

Ed Thear has a span of over 3 decades of business experience in technical sales while living in Louisiana, Texas, New York, and Pennsylvania. These business opportunities enabled him to travel domestically and internationally during his work in the petrochemical and semiconductor industries.

During a trip to visit a relative in Wilmington in 1987, Ed started regularly visiting the area for vacations. This led to the purchase of 2 investment properties in Kure Beach in 2003 and 2005. The investment strategy paid off as he was able to move to Kure Beach full time in 2011.  

Real estate has always been an important investment providing people the potential to amass wealth as a primary investment. Over the course of his career, Ed and his wife Gayle have purchased 11 homes including several residential investment properties.   Ed knows the value of retaining a close network of professionals (Realtor, Accountant, Banker & Attorney) providing one with important guidance during times of opportunity and transition.  

The Wilmington area affords us opportunities to surf, boat, motorcycle, and bicycle while providing an excellent environment to relax. This area also offers a perfect setting to develop a business, raise children, or retire. The weather is outstanding and the culture is rich with traditional values.

Ed’s personal interests include real estate investment, new technology start-ups, fitness training, motorcycling, surfing and faith based community. Ed acquired his NC real estate license and was pleased to join the leading Real Estate Agency in the area……Intracoastal Realty.

He would enjoy assisting you in acquiring real estate for your primary residence or investment value. Knowing the importance of assimilating into a new environment as a family and professional, he will assist your family in becoming fully integrated within our community.

Welcome Home!